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24 May, 18.15 – 20.45


S.M. Stishov

Greetings to participants on behalf of the Institute for High Pressure Physics

H.E. Stanley

Opening of the Workshop

(1st session) New kinds of phase transitions.

Chairman – H.E. Stanley

S.M. Stishov

The Search for Phase Transitions in Liquids: A Personal Account

V.V. Brazhkin

New kinds of phase transitions – state of art and terminology problems

C.A. Angell

Cooperative disordering phase transitions in liquids, crystals, and mesoscopic (single molecule) systems

M. Anisimov

Novel phase transitions in isotropic liquids: a rule or an exception?

25 May, 9.00 – 12.00 (2nd session) Transitions in liquids – experiment and theory I.

Chairman – V.V. Brazhkin

P. H. Poole

Fragile-to-strong transition in liquid silica.

Y. Katayama

In-situ observation of a liquid-liquid transition in phosphorus

A. Likalter

Insulator-Metal Transitions in Fluids and the Coulomb Critical Points

I. M. Svichtchev

Metastable water and nucleation


From liquid to amorphous germanium by molecular dynamics


Smeared first order phase transition in melts

16.15-19.15 (3d session) Transitions in water and amorphous ice


Chairman – D. Klug

H.E. Stanley

Unsolved Mysteries of Water in its Liquid and Glass Phases

E. Mayer

High-density amorphous water and its phase transition to ice XII.

M.-C. Bellissent-Funel

Water in various conditions: influence of pressure and confinement on structural and dynamical properties

M.A. Ricci

The microscopic structure of high density and low density water

A. Geiger

Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium of Water in Nanopores

P. Gallo

The glass transition scenario in confined water

20.00-21.45 (4th session) Transitions in liquids – experiment and theory


Chairman – S.M. Stishov

V. V. Brazhkin

Transition in liquids—examples and opened questions

M. Togaya

Behaviors of Liquid Carbon at High Pressures

L. Pusztai

Structural changes across phase transitions in disordered systems: liquid sulphur, liquid phophorus and amorphous ice

P. Postorino

Phase transition in liquid iodine

L. Son

The description of pressure-temperature phase diagrams of S and Si in term of Patashinskii model

26 May, 13.40 –16.45 (5th session) General properties of phase transitions.

Chairman – V.N. Ryzhov

A. Coniglio

Statistical mechanics approach to the inherent states in glasses and granular materials

F. Hensel

Fluid Metals - The Liquid Vapor Transition of Metals

S. V. Buldyrev

Double step potential for water - evidence for second critical point

M. Sasai

Energy landscape perspective of the kinetic slowing down in liquid water

L. Blum

A Phase transitions induced by water Reoientation


Master equation approach to configurational kinetics of non-equilibrium alloys and its applications to studies of phase transformations of decomposition and ordering

27 May, 11.00-13.25 (6th session) Transformations in glasses and amorphous solids.

Chairman – C.A. Angell

P. Kelires

Amorphous to amorphous phase transitions in elemental group-IV semiconductors

A. G. Lyapin

Kinetics and Non-ergodic Nature of Amorphous-Amorphous Transformations under Pressure

J. Dore

Neutron and X-ray Diffraction Studies of Phase Transitions for Water/Ice and Cyclohexane in Bulk and Confined Geometry

D. Lacks

Energy Landscapes and   Amorphous-Amorphous transitions

V. Hizhniakov

Pressure-induced transformations of soft local excitations in glasses: theory and experiment

V.F. Degtyareva

Amorphous pressure-induced alloys: stability and crystallisation

15.45-19.00 (7th session) Puzzles of disordered matter.

Chairman – J.Hafner

K. Binder

Monte Carlo study of dynamic and static glass transitions in the 10-state Potts-glass: A scenario for the structural glass transition?

V.N. Ryzhov

Transitions in simple liquids – correlation functions approach

G. Salvetti

The spontaneous isothermal melting of fructose by temperature modulated calorimetry

S R Elliott

Vibrational localization in disordered systems

A. Robledo

Confinement induced immiscibility of mixtures of enantiomers

A. Scala

Behaviour of liquids in deeply undercooled state

K. Koga

Phase equilibria and phase transitions of water confined in Q2D and Q1D geometries

20.00-21.45 (8th session) Transitions in water and amorphous ice


Chairwoman – M.C. Bellissent-Funel

D. Klug

Transformations, Dynamics, and Structures of Amorphous Ices

T. Head-Gordon

Synchrotron Experiments and Theoretical Analysis of Pure Water

M. Barbosa

Static and Dynamic Properties of Stretched Water

K. Aoki

Proton disorder transition in high pressure ice

G. Malenkov

Molecular dynamics simulation of metastable water phases (supercooled and "stretched" liquids, ld and hd amorphous ices, ice IX) and transitions between them

28 May 9.00 – 12.00 (9th session). Puzzles of disordered matter


Chairman – K. Binder

S. Sastry

Fragility, Configurational Entropy and the Energy Landscape of Glass Forming Liquids.

R. Speedy

What do we know about energy/density landscapes in liquids?

I. Ohmine

Landscape for Water Freezing and Chemical Reaction Pathways

J. Hafner

Ab-initio molecular-dynamics applied to the formation of polyanions in crystalline, plastic, and molten phases of alloys

A. Di Cicco

Recent advances in x-ray absorption spectroscopy under extreme conditions

Chin-Kun Hu

Low temperature properties of a spin model with varying ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic couplings

16.30 – 17.00 (10th session)


Closing remarks and conclusions


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