Special Session of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco Commemorating the Fortieth Anniversary of the Synthesis and Discovery of Stishovite

Charles T. Prewitt and Russell J. Hemley, Conveners

In 1961 Stishov and Popova [1] reported the synthesis of "A new modification of silica," and in 1962 Chao, Fahey, Littler, and Milton [2] discovered the same phase in nature and published a paper, "Stishovite, SiO2, a very high pressure new mineral from meteor crater, Arizona." These developments foreshadowed a wide range of activities in the subsequent forty years that have transformed the discipline of high-pressure mineralogy/mineral physics into an essential component of earth science research.
Contributions to this session should demonstrate connections to the original stishovite work through the evolution of theoretical, experimental, and field studies of silica, silicates, other mineral phases, and also of analog materials that provide understanding of the physical and chemical foundations of
mineralogy. We anticipate that S. M. Stishov and other pioneers in this field will be present for the special session.

[1] Stishov SM, Popova SV (1961) A new modification of silica.

[2] Chao ECT, Fahey JJ, Littler J, Milton DJ (1962) Stishovite, SiO2, a very high pressure new mineral from meteor crater, Arizona. J Geophys Res 67:419-421

Important dates:

August 30, 2001, is the deadline for receipt of the Postal/Express Mail Abstracts.

September 6, 2001 1400 UTC, is the deadline for receipt of the Electronic Abstracts.

November 9, 2001, is the deadline for pre-registration and housing.

December 10-14, 2001: 2001 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

Please consult
http://www.agu.org/ for information about submission of abstracts.


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