Principal lines of investigations

Basic equipment

In the course of scientific activities of the Department, a number of original results have been obtained. The sequence of polymorphic transformations and chemical reactions has been established in single- and multi-component systems of different types (oxides, hydroxides, fluorides, etc.) under variable p, T parameters; the corresponding generalized schemes have been constructed. Compressibility of a large number of elements and compounds has been measured, and equations of state determined. Several dozens of new high pressure phases have been obtained. Methods for growing monocrystals of high pressure phases of metals, semiconductors and dielectrics have been developed. Investigations of grown monocrystals have resulted in establishing the mechanism responsible for the formation of superdefect fluorite-like solid solutions. The phenomena of incommensurability, twinning and modulation of structural and thermal parameters have been found and studied. The role of pressure-induced electron transitions in the formation of new compounds of d- and f-transition metals has been established, and the competition between the magnetic, superconducting, and intermediate-valent states in these compounds has been investigated.