Laboratory of Phase Transitions

 Principal lines of investigations

  Pressure induced quantum phase transitions

  Low temperature magnetism and superconductivity, unconventional superconductivity, heavy fermions

  Thermodynamic properties of substances in at high pressure

 Basic equipment:

  Helium gas high pressure installation and cryostat for studies of various properties of substances at hydrostatic pressures to 1.5 GPa and low temperatures down to 1.5 K. 

  Miniature clamped toroidal anvil cell supplied with a liquid-filled capsule for studies of electrical, magnetic and thermodynamical properties of materials at hydrostatic pressures up to 6 GPa and temperatures down to 1.1 K.

  Installation for studies of thermodynamic properties of materials in the range 0-3GPa, 300-650K by the adiabatic pressure pulse technique.

  Hydraulic presses (30-500 ton), liquid compressors, piston-cylinder and toroid devices for various high pressure applications.

Most important results:

   Discovery of superconductivity in boron-doped diamond synthesized at high pressure

  Observation of unconventional superconductivity in a heavy fermion material Ce2RhIn8 near antiferromagnetic quantum critical point at high pressure with Tc = 2.2K that is order of magnitude higher than Tcís of other known materials with magnetically mediated superconductivity.

  Revelation a bridge between physics of HTSC cuprates and unconventional heavy fermion superconductors at studying of low temperature P-T phase diagram of CeCoIn5