Sector of Dispersed Materials, Institute of High pressure Physics.

Basic equipment:

Toroid device (9 GPa/0.7 cm3) for studies of physical properties of materials under high pressure.

Research program.

We carry out the following research and development program:

- investigation of basic mechanisms of nanocrystallites consolidation at high pressure (by means of electric and
compressibility measurements);
- investigation of defect nature of powder compacts and role of defects in sintering (metals and metal carbides);
- producing of full density nanocrystals (dense compacts of nanocristalline powders) and study of their properties

Phase transitions and transport properties in a crystalline and amorphous materials (metals, semiconductors, magnetics) are also studied.


The Laboratory of Dispersed Materials is the creator, producer and keeper of "know-how" of the TOROID-type high pressure devices. We have a long-time and sucsessive experience in generating hydrostatic pressure up to 9 GPa in sufficiently large working volume with the aid of these devices. 

We have also developed methods for studing powder sample processing at high hydrostatic pressure "in situ":

-measurements of electroresistance and thermopower (300-900K)

- compressibility measurements by a strain gauge technique in the temperature range from 300 K upto 600 K

These methods and high pressure devices are also applicable for studying single crystals of magnetics and semiconductors, for example phase transitions.