The Sector was established to develop new technologies for producing tools from the unique diamond composites of the "Ballas" and "Carbonado" types, which were synthesized at the IFVD RAN for the first time in the world. These composites possess low heat resistance but high hardness and wear resistance.

The Sector has at its disposal, the technologies for producing a wide spectrum of fully competitive diamond tools.

A new class of high-strength and wear-resistant composites based on nickel and titanium or chromium diborides and prepared under pressures up to 1.5 GPa and temperatures up to 1100 C is now being developed in the sector. The composites specified are intended for the production of diamond tools. The solder ensuring reliable attaching the diamond-bearing element to the steel body during sintering under pressure has been developed on the basis of nickel-chromium diboride composition.

The unique technology for producing tools under pressure up to 1.5 GPa, which allows complete preservation of the physical properties of diamond starting material, has been developed in the sector. This technology is highly efficient, energy-saving, and ecologically safe.

The scientifically-grounded designs of diamond tools for drilling, polishing, stone cutting, and reinforced concrete boring have been elaborated. In addition, the technology for producing the diamond-bearing elements of intricate configuration under a pressure of 30 KPa and temperature of 850 C has been developed.

Also, in the sector the new technology for producing rod and wire diamond tools is developed. This technology is based on using the method of hot gas extrusion, which was created in IFVD RAN. The hot gas extrusion allows to treat the different metal materials, including brittle, hard deforming, powder, composite materials with great degree of deformations (with stretch in tens and hundreds times) in conditions of high gasostatic pressure ( 300 - 600 MPa ) and high temperatures (1000-1200 C) with receipt of wares such as thin rod or wire with round or complicate profile cross section. In the rods or wires diamond tools after product of this method the cut diamond grains is fastened in high strength metal base of tool in demanding composition. The strength fastening of diamond grain attains owing to hot plasticity deformation with great intensity even without connected solders.